The Uses, Working and Dosing of Bacopa

BacopaBacopa Monnieri or Brahmi is the herbal ingredient that has been in use for years in Indian traditional medicines. However, you must not confuse Bacopa with other herb like Gotu Kola and other medicines which are sometime used in place of Bacopa. It is the powerful herbal that has been used for a variety of mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. It is also popularly used for other conditions like improvising memory, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorders, reduce anxiety, allergic conditions, irritable bowel syndrome and also other allergic conditions caused by tonic.

In some cases, Bacopa is also used to treat a variety of other conditions like mental illness, backaches, hoarseness, joint pain, epilepsy and sexual disorders in both male and female. It is also used sometime as water pill.

How Does Bacopa Works?

It is the herbal ingredient that works by increasing the level of certain brain chemicals which maximizes the overall potential of your brain, thinking and learning capacity and memory. Some of the research also suggests that this herbal ingredient also works to protect the brain cells from a variety of chemicals that are involved in causing Alzheimer’s Diseases.

The Possible Uses of Bacopa

  • Improvising Memory – According to some of the researches, This is the herbal ingredient that is included in many supplements to improvise the memory functioning and power. It works to keep the brain sharper and healthy in adults. Consuming this ingredient regularly can maximize the functioning of memory and also boosts the eye-hand coordination in kids aged 6-8 years
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – According to some studies, Bacopa is also effective for conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. It is considered to be more effective than the sugar pills in keeping the irritable bowel syndrome at bay and preventing it from occurring again in people.
  • Anxeity – Bacopa is also very effective in the condition of anxiety and higher stress. Doctors’ suggest that taking 30ML of Bacopa oil for one month regularly can reduce the symptoms related to anxiety which include racing heart, nervousness, headaches, trouble sleeping, and difficulty in concentrating and stomach discomfort.
  • Epilepsy or Seizures – According to some researches Bacopa extract is also effective for preventing epilepsy or seizures in people

Some of the other uses of Bacopa include:

  • Backache
  • Asthma
  • Mental illness
  • Hoarseness
  • Sexual issues
  • Joint pain
  • Fluid retention

What are the Benefits of Bacopa?

  • Bacopa is adaptogenic stress reducer
  • It works as antidepressant and anti-anxiety
  • It enhances your memory and brain power
  • It treats dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases
  • It is the effective treatment for epilepsy
  • It reduces chronic pain in body
  • It regulates the blood pressure level
  • It also treats ADHD in people
  • It also treats schizophrenia

What are the Dosing of Bacopa?

According to doctors Bacopa is available both in pills and oil based. Depending upon the diseases and areas where treatment is required, you will be prescribed the right form of It.

The daily dosing of Bacopa must not exceed 300mg and it must be consumed orally for 12 weeks to treat memory conditions.

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