CIZE Workout Reviews – Get Fit While Dancing with CIZE Workout

It is really challenging to achieve your fitness goals like a drag; however CIZE Workout promises to change the things up for you by enabling you to dance your way to fit in just four weeks. CIZE Workout is basically a 4-week hip-hop dance exercising program that is designed and marketed by Beach Body which is a company that has been consistently creating home exercise videos since two decades. This is the full-of-energy fitness and exercising program which is designed for serious exercisers who want to feel like pro dancers in music videos and at the same losing weight and get into shape.

CIZE Workout is the choreographed dance exercise program which is led and monitored by personal trainer, Shaun T. He is the main behind this musical exercising program who educates the trainees about this impressive choreographed dance routine for cardio enhancement, total body toning and core strengthening. All the soundtracks that are included in the exercising program are originally recorded by Destiny’s Child, Bruno Mars, and some of the other popular artists and musicians.

CIZE WorkoutWhat Does CIZE Workout Claims to Offer?

CIZE Workout claims to offer you with a four-week musical dance exercising program for your at-home fitness needs. All the musical exercises included in the program are handpicked by the personal trainer and it claims to help you get into shape and lose unwanted weight, while achieving the body of your dream by dancing the way you want in just four weeks. The program is led by the personal trainer Shaun T and he claims to make these dance workouts work for you and your body and help you in achieving the body of your desire and achieve your fitness goals without hurdles. The dance program claims to make your at-home fitness exercises fun filled and at the same time lose some unwanted pounds, while building strength and improve your cardio health.

How Does CIZE Workout Works Best for You?

The CIZE Workout videos are sold online and you will receive the DVDs when you order it online. The DVDs can be streamed online using computer or mobile devices. In the videos the celebrity personal trainer Shaun T leads the streamers via impressive dance workout routines and break down each move so as to make learning easier and faster for the trainees. Apart from the musical dance workout routines, the DVDs also comprise some of the recipes which you need to follow along with the workouts for four weeks and also explain you how to portion the daily calorie needs for ultimate fitness results.

It also allows you to take part in the CIZE Workout Groups Online where you will find some of the helpful tips on weight loss and get answers for your questions related to fitness. You can also join the CIZE Support Groups for additional motivation and also helps you to experience the dance exercise videos with your other friends.

The Breakdown of CIZE Workout!

CIZE Workout is the hip-hop dance exercise program which is available in DVD and online for the subscribers. Most of the workout programs usually last for 35-40 minutes and each of the workout program starts with Shaun teaching breakdown for the dance exercise moves. At the end of the program you will fit to the moves and start performing them on your own. Here is the breakdown of CIZE Workout!

  • Crazy 8s – Hands in the Air Song Timbaland
  • You Got This – Treasure by Bruno Mars
  • Full Out – Lose My Breath by Destiny’s Child
  • In the Pocket – Problem by Ariana Grande
  • Got for It – Pass That Dutch by Missy Elliot
  • Livin’ In The 8s – Chandelier by Sia

Pros of CIZE Workout

  • It makes your daily exercises fun filled
  • It helps you to burn fat and builds strength
  • You will learn to dance hip hop
  • There is no necessary of any additional equipments
  • It includes two workout calendars
  • It is available on DVD and Streamed Online
  • Online support for users and bonuses

Cons of CIZE Workout

  • It is very high intensity workout for some people
  • Some of the songs are tributes, but not the originals
  • It may have DVD playback problems

How to Order your DVD of CIZE Workout?

Go online and visit the official website of CIZE Workout and place your order by making the payment for $32.90 which includes shipping charges for the DVDs. You can also subscribe for the online program which is offered online to the members by the trainers.


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