Find Out If Your Partner is Having Emotional Affair

If your partner is not involved in any sexual act, but still they love spending lots of time in just talking, texting and emailing, then this can be the symptom of emotional affair with someone. An intimate and close emotional attachment is also considered as an affair of the heart by most of the behavior analysts and experts. This is a type of intimacy where there is no physical contact but they do have an affair. It is kept secret and hence called a secret relationship or affair where one’s commitment is involved and creating a type of infidelity.

Emotional Affairs are Not Considered Harmful

A simple friendship can turn into an emotional affair and you may not know about the same. These types of relationship can ruin the friendship. Just similar to physical affair, a break-up in emotional affair can break the heart of the partner. There is no need of any physical contact, but still the verbal exchanges can grow emotionally heated and involved , the relation as close and emotionally intimate any type of physical relationship.

These are the behavior that is referred as reserved for committed partners and can be a pathway for threatening the relationships and marriages because the partner usually expect these behavior to be exclusive to the marriages or relations. The end result is that dissatisfaction with the nature or level of intimacy grows within the primary relationship. Moreover, the surveys reveal that emotional connection and intimacy increases the likelihood of sexual connection.

According to some experts, emotional affairs are anything but harmless which is a new way of infidelity and can threat any relationship. Some of the experts also say that people who were never unfaithful are actually crossing the line from platonic friendship into romantic relationships unwittingly.

Emotional AffairHow to Know If Your Partner is Having Emotional Affair?

You are required to read some of the clues which might be the symptoms or put your partner in having the emotional affair. This will not destroy your marriage, but can bring pain to your relationship and it takes lot of time to built trust. Some of the sings to find if your partner is having emotional affair includes:

  • You partner avoid talking to you openly
  • They avoid eye contact with you
  • They look outside of marriage for ego boosts
  • They suddenly shower you with gifts
  • They usually have unsolved conflicts
  • They prefer spending time apart or give lame excuses for not spending time with you
  • The relationship lacks in surprises and sizzles
  • The sex life become boring and dull or is nonexistent

What If the Emotional Affair is Already Transpired?

  • The best way is to speak up with your partner clearly
  • You need to stick with the emotional connection without veering into fears of what would happen next
  • Work on building back your emotional connection and the intimacy to restore your marriage

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