The Workings and Uses of Ginkgo

GinkgoGinkgo is the tree which is mainly found in native parts of Asia and it has a fat shaped leaf. The leaf of this tree is used as an extract for a variety of conditions like memory disorders including Alzheimer’s Diseases. The extract of Ginkgo is also used for many other conditions which lead to reduced blood flow across the body and brain, especially in older generation. The conditions for which Ginkgo is mainly prescribed include dizziness, vertigo, ringing in ears, memory loss, headache, difficulty in focusing, hearing disorders and mood disturbances. Some of the people also make use of this for other conditions which involves poor flow of blood and leg pain when walking, Raynaud’s Syndrome and more. Its extract is also prescribed to patients that have been suffering from Lyme Disease, Depression and Chemotherapy.

What are the Functioning of Ginkgo?

It is used as an extract in many supplements and the primary functioning of this herbal ingredient is to maximize the circulation of blood in body and brain which enhance the functioning of legs, ears, eyes and brain. The ingredient is also effective for reducing the adverse effects of Alzheimer’s Diseases by interfering with the changes made to your brain which disturb your thinking abilities.

The seed from which the ingredient is extracted is rich in chemical compounds that are effective for killing the bacteria and fungi which are responsible for causing infections in body. Moreover, the extract also has some toxins which are reported to cause adverse effects in people like loss of consciousness and seizure.

Possible Uses of Ginkgo

  • Mental Functioning – Ginkgo is the herbal ingredient that is mainly included in memory boosting supplement as it is approved to improve the mental functioning and memory, while accelerating your thinking abilities and attention in adults. It may also be used in combination of other ingredients to maximize its potential for improving the memory functions and health.
  • Anxiety – It is also reported that Ginkgo can also help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is very effective for mental conditions caused by anxiety and depression.
  • Dementia – The extract of Ginkgo is very effective for modest symptoms of Alzheimer’s Diseases and it can treat the condition effectively by interfering the changes made to your brain. It also helps you to treat a variety of dementia conditions and it also prevents the condition of dementia from occurring again.
  • Vision Issues – The extract of Ginkgo is also effective in treating the problems of vision difficulty in people with diabetes. It improvises the color vision in people that are having retinal damage caused due to diabetes. Glaucoma is the condition which is caused due to diabetes and it can be prevented by using it regularly.

What are the Doses of Ginkgo?

The doses of Ginkgo vary depending upon the condition you are suffering from. The doses are decided based on the condition and purpose you are using it for. For example, people with memory conditions and anxiety are required to take 80-160mg of Ginkgo per day in two doses, while for retinal damage condition the doses are only 120mg per day in two doses.


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