The Workings, Uses & Overview of Huperzine A

Huperzine AHuperzine A is the clinically purified substance that is extracted from a Chinese plant called Club Moss and this substance is the resultant of several clinical manipulations and it is the purified drug that comprise a variety of chemical ingredients which is approved for use in conditions like Alzheimer’s Diseases, learning and memory enhancement, age related memory degradation and memory impairment. This substance is also clinically approved to be used for treating a variety of muscle diseases like myasthenia gravis, for preventing the agents that damage the nerves like nerve gases and for enhancing the energy and alertness.

There are many products that uses Huperzine A as a primary ingredient and it is known to treat Alzheimer’s Diseases.

How Does Huperzine A Works?

This is the clinically approved ingredient that works efficiently for issues related memory, poor mental abilities and muscular disorders myasthenia gravis. It works by increasing the level of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the chemical compound that is used by the nerves to communicate with the muscles, brain and other areas of your body.

What are the Possible Uses of Huperzine A?

  • Dementia – According to some researches Huperzine A is the healthy substance which is helpful for the condition called dementia. It needs to be taken for at least 8 weeks for improvising the mental functioning, focus, memory and behaviour of people with condition like dementia. However the long term effects of Huperzine A has not yet revealed and known.
  • Memory – It some clinical research it has been found that taking Huperzine A for 4 weeks can improvise the memory in teenagers and older children who are facing memory issues.
  • Mental Impairment – Some of the researches also suggest that by taking Huperzine A orally for at least 12 weeks you can easily improvise the memory in adults and it may also enhance the overall cognition and mental impairment issues.
  • Muscular Disorders – It has been found that consuming Huperzine A orally for at least 10 days regularly can improvise the muscular condition called myasthenia gravis. It also prevents muscle weakness in people that are suffering from myasthenia gravis and it may also have longer lasting effects compared to the intramuscular neostigime.

It may also be used for:

  • Increasing alertness and energy
  • Age related memory loss
  • Protection for poisonous agents in nerves
  • Other conditions

What are the Dosing of Huperzine ?

According to the clinical evidence it can be taken orally by mouth and also in the form of injections. However, the dosing of Huperzine A vary depending upon the condition that you are suffering from.

  • For people with Alzheimer’s diseases the recommended dosing is 50-200mg per day twice daily. You may also consult your doctor to learn the daily dosing of the formula and ensure to consume it accordingly.
  • For age related decline of memory you need to take at least 30mg of Huperzine A daily for two times or as directed by the doctor.
  • For improving your memory the daily dosing of Huperzine A must not exceed 100mg twice daily.

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