Privacy Policy

The supplement review website, focuses on protecting the privacy of the customers that visit the website in sake of searching quality information regarding health supplement. The website has a robust privacy policy that provides optimal security to the data and information of the customers and prevents third party use of the data without customer’s consent. The privacy policy of the website is applicable for all the services offered online through this website and also while dealing with the customers and visitors online.

The supplement reviews and information is shared online on the website is purely for educational purpose and it is shared after thorough research and verification. The information will guide you on whether or not to purchase the product and we also provide you assistance and guidance in selecting the most suitable supplement for you needs. The privacy policy of the website is about saying the customers about their protection, safety and security of the data and identity.

The Details Collected!

Through interaction, whatever information or details you share with use is kept highly confidential and with optimal security. The information is neither leaked nor shared with any third party unauthorized person. The details like personal details, name, phone number, address and other personal details are collected which are only for gaining knowledge, but not for any promotional purposes.

Any information which is not necessary, but requested by the website is marked optional and the website make use of cookies to enhance the overall experience of the users and the information gathered also to check the frequency of the visitors to the website.

Where The Collected Information is Used?

The information collected through interaction is used to evaluate the experience of the customers. However, the website ensures that you only receive quality information and services by the team of experts. The information that you share with use is kept confidential and none of the information is shared or leaked to any third party organization without your consent. We value you privacy and hence you put all out efforts to keep the details of customers confidential.

The information collected is used to respond the requests of the visitors and customers on time and with these details we try to solve most of the doubts and queries of the customers. The team of experts ensure that proper channel is used for optimal communication and this is the key to success for the organization and maximize the overall customer’s experience. The information is also used to enhance the browsing experience of the visitors and customers.

People Below 18 Years!

The website has a strict policy for prohibiting the people below 18 years to access the information offered by the website. It is strictly suggested that any people who are below the age of 18 years must not use the website and if situation demands, then they must use the website under the supervision of adults. We don’t intend to collect any information form children below the age of 18 years.