Why Underestimate Teen’s Sleep Needs and More Things

Teen Sleep Needs – According to studies it is found that some of the teens do need more sleep than the others and most of them need around 8-10 hours of sound sleep at night to work actively at school next day. Only half of the parents across the world today support later start times for the students of high school, while others are underestimating the teenagers sleep needs, the report states. Many parents believe that it is totally a bad idea for the teenagers to delay the start time after 8:30AM in the morning. As the report suggests, a teenager needs to have complete 8 hours of sound sleep and being the parent you can’t underestimate this sleep needs of your teenage child.

According to the experts, during the period of their puberty the circadian clock of their body tends to change and hence they naturally tend to wake up later and sleeping longer in the morning. So, being the parent if you allow your teenage child to follow this pattern and schedule, then they are likely to do better both in classroom and in studies.

Teen Sleep Needs

What Does AAP Policy States Regarding Teen Sleep Needs?

Back in 2014, AAP has introduced an policy that states the policies for start time for the middle schools and high schools. However, the first bell should ring at 8:30AM. Based on the reports, if the kids are sleep deprived then this may lead to serious consequences in their school performance, safety and health. It is noticed that only 15% of the American high schools starts at 8:30AM or later and AAP is following the same figure. Considering this fact, most of the schools in different districts are following the same rule of later starting time.

Some of the experts also suggest that lack of sleep in teenagers not just only prevent them from performing well in school, but also increases their risk for depression, obesity and car accidents. So, no parents would afford this and hence they must seek more details and information regarding the sleep time of teenagers and ensure that they take sufficient and healthy sleep at night to perform optimally next day.

Opposing Parents for Later Start Times

It is not a surprise that there are many other opposing parents who dint favor the later start time as they believe that it causes problems. They stated that the late start time would interfere the kids post their school activities and this would prevent them from completing their work schedule at home.

However, it is already proved that students at teenage must take sufficient sleep and later start time is not an issue for them as they are able to complete the sports and other after-school activities. But, some school has also reported that less tardiness and lesser absences are found amongst the students with later start time. So, nothing can take priority over sleep and it is better to grant your teenage child with the freedom to take sound sleep at night and start late.

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