The Things You Don’t Know About Endometriosis

Endometriosis is the condition which is often misunderstood by women. Being informed about the condition doesn’t mean that you understand it well. Endometriosis is the common gynecologic disorder, affecting 1 out of 10 women in America. Most of the women are affected by this disease because of lack of awareness and but it is necessary to prioritize the condition as the crucial women’s health issue.

Why Endometriosis is misunderstood?

According to a recent survey conducted on 1,211 women aged between 18 years to 35 years, about 18% of the women in America are suffering from Endometriosis. It is estimated that about 29% of the women population experience painful symptoms that are associated with the condition including painful bowels and painful urination. Over 42% respondents were unaware about the pain during sexual intercourse. They experience pain during sex which is the most common symptoms of Endometriosis.

About half of the respondents were unknown to the condition and also don’t know that there are treatment options available for Endometriosis. According to few respondents, laparoscopic surgery is the ultimate way to diagnose Endometriosis, but this surgical process is to remove a small sample of tissues for testing called biopsy and this can also confirm the presence of Endometriosis ion women.

Below is the Communication Breakdown.

Just because of lack of understanding about the symptoms and how to address the condition can lead to miscommunication amongst the masses. About 37% of the respondents have confirmed that they were diagnosed with Endometriosis and additional 219 women want to question about the symptoms. The communication is not only for the selected women as 43% of the surveyed women said that they are very comfortable in managing the women with chronic pelvic pain. They report that the prime reason for pelvic pain is Endometriosis and women with this condition can experience the first time acute pelvic pain.

Only 34% of the respondents said that their chronic pelvic pain hamper their daily normal activities. Although a large group of women are diagnosed with Endometriosis, but only 86% of women have reported that the condition interferes with their daily activities. When they were asked to identify some of the challenges linked with the condition, they cited that menstrual bleeding is the most common challenge which was caused due to Endometriosis. Some of the other challenges that were faced by the women with Endometriosis include inability to participate in daily activities due to pain, painful sex, missing work and feeling of loneliness.

According to the communication breakdown, it is necessary for the providers to be more aware about evaluating and treating the symptoms associated with Endometriosis. They must make the women feel empowered so as to share the symptoms with the providers and get key information about Endometriosis. Only two third of the women population is aware about the condition Endometriosis and majority are still taking help of providers without knowing that if they are really having Endometriosis. They approach the doctors with chronic pelvic pain and want to know the causes of such pain.


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